Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day One

Today is day one of my 10 day juice fast. I have a friend who is currently on day 21 of her juicing adventure and she has inspired me to start one of my own. I would like to look better for the pictures at my daughter graduation from basic training and well as actually being able to enjoy our time with her.

My eating habits are horrible!! I am about 50 pounds over weight and have no energy. I know most of those reason boil down to my eating habits. I really don't like food. I even forget sometimes to even eat. When I do eat though its always the wrong stuff. My biggest meals consist of potato chips. You ask what else? Nothing, unless its some type of dip or ketchup sometimes or even a mixture of ketchup and mayo sometimes. I'm not too picky when it comes to the chips. I pretty much love them all, Doritos, corn chips etc what ever is in that chip aisle is usually my dinner. Of course there are a few of the usual stuff - french fries, pizza, burgers and hot dogs. That about sums up my usual foods.

Sometimes times on hubbys day off I will cook a real meal with chicken but always potatoes of some sort makes their way in. With both daughters out of the house and hubby working second shift, I just don't think about it. I hate cooking and why bother if its only me too cook for anyways. Right? So when my friend said what she was doing and told me to watch the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I figured hell I might be able to do that!!! I really don't have too break too many bad habits other than to actually eat or really drink more. Then I thought about coffee! OMG NO COFFEE either!! Now I drink way way too much coffee. I wake up and im still drinking it in the evening time. But I figured give it a shot! You can do this!

Yesterday I went shopping without much of a real plan of what I was going to buy because well that's the way I roll. I've read a lot about the juice fast, watched the movie and formed a plan in my head. I bought a bunch of different things to try out. Made sure I had all the stuff to make Joes Mean Green, some fruits and figured lets give it a go!

First drink I make is the Mean Green. Probably not the smartest choice to make for breakfast, well closer to lunch but that is in my goal of actually doing this but anyways it sucked! I hated it!! Ugg but I did get it all down. several hours later I made the second one which consisted of carrots, oranges, a lemon and ginger. Hated that one too!!! This is going to be hard. its now 6pm and I know I need to drink another one soon but I am not sure how to make it. So I am putting it off for right now lol

I am on my fourth bottle of water. I still feel very thirsty. My stomach is making weird noises and I feel hungry. I'm never hungry, that's why I forget to eat. I have a headache and all I can think of is what a pain in the ass it is juicing! My second go at it was better than the first. I learned a few tricks, like keeping a plastic bag near me. Its a lot of work though for a little bit of juice. I also wish I would of bought a pineapple, I want one now. 


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