Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Journey to Basic Training Graduation

My youngest daughter, Libby, left for basic training in the army on April 11th.

Now this was not something I really wanted her to do but she has had it in her mind since she was a freshman in high school. She signed up for 4 years and the little brat also signed up for airborne!!! Definitely not what this momma wanted to hear!!! But I know this is something she has wanted for a long time and we are being as supportive as we can.

She will be graduating on June 27th and we really want to be able to go to her graduation. Unfortunately we may not be able to make the trip. Ever since my van broke down just before Christmas its been one thing or another popping up in life that you just cant predict. We drained our savings to purchase a used van that would be able to make the trip from Buffalo, NY to Fort Jackson, Sc and was depending on hubbys profit sharing check to make the trip on. Of course after almost 2 years of receiving these checks we figured the low end of what we usually get to be our biggest help and hopefully able to sock away a few bucks from each paycheck - which of course as many know that living paycheck to paycheck its hard to put even a few bucks away. But we figured it would be fine and all would be good!

HA! Welcome to your life Jodie!!! Hubby gets his paystub for his profit sharing and guess what? Yep life hit us and said now you know to never count those chickens before they hatch!!! His check is just over half of the lowest that we have ever received in the 2 years!!! Yep, not even enough to pay for gas, let alone anything else. Thats when you guessed it, this momma goes into a huge funk of depression and is out of my mind crazy. This is my baby were talking about!!!

So I vent in a closed group I am in, a crochet group that is very close to my heart. These women take it upon themselves to hold an online auction, with goods that they donated to help me raise funds!!! I have never met any one of the ladies in person but have been with them for just over a year now and let me tell you, never in my life have I ever felt so loved before! I crochet and do other crafty hand made items and im trying to get them all listed so maybe that will bring in a few bucks also.

Ive shared this auction with some of the groups I belong in and most were pretty receptive to me posting in the groups. One group did surprise me though, a closed group that I belong to that is for military moms deleted my post :( I felt a bit hurt for several reasons. First just a week or so before I posted another mother had posted asking for donations to fund her trip and all the mothers were very helpful and said they were donating. Now mind you, she was asking for money straight out and that was ok for them to allow the post, where I was just asking for help in an auction. Not outright begging for money, which I guess is better? Secondly, I felt a bit betrayed from these mothers who should know how it feels to have you child away from you for so long and how important it is to the child to have family show up for graduation. What would it hurt to allow my post to be left in there? So I let that stew in my head for a few - only a few - because well they didnt deserve any more than that and moved on. I pray they never have to want for a few bucks to see their child and noone would be there to help support them.

In this world, I have learned that their are 2 types of people only - users and helpers. I am a helper and always expect the best of people no matter what. I know we will make it there one way or another!!! Hopefully sharing my journey to basic training will help keep me sane while I work my butt off to get us there.

My online auction is here if you would like to check it out: or share it or what ever help you can give would be helpful!

Or if you would rather just donate through paypal, you can do so here:

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